We are very proud to have our business built around zero-emission vessels! Because of that, we take reducing waste in the rest of our business very seriously as well. Check out some of the recent changes we’ve made here at The Electric Boat Company.

  • Our catering department now uses 100% compostable products
  • Last year we took our key office functions, special events, reservations, etc. completely paperless
  • We recently replaced the batteries in each of our 25 boats to more efficient and environmentally friendly options. It is always great when a decision can be such a clear cut winner from a financial and environmental perspective
  • Heaters on all 25 boats were switched from disposable propane tanks to reusable propane tanks in an effort to further reduce the footprint of our business

We are even exploring the possibility of adding solar power on the boats to steer the boats towards more renewable energy sources. We are always looking for ways to keep our business sustainable and lessen our impact on the community and the wonderful public resource that is Lake Union.