Scavenger Hunt

“Clueless in Seattle” Scavenger Hunt

Explore Lake Union in search of clues, solve riddles and lead your team to victory all from within the comfort of our electric boats! Our “Clueless in Seattle” on-the-water scavenger hunt is a lighthearted event that will bring out the competitive spirit in everyone. The scavenger hunt is a tablet-based game that takes you to geotagged locations to solve riddles, answer questions, and take pictures to earn points and compete against other boats.

If your party is a single boat, you can see how you stack up against others that have played the game in the past. It is as interactive as your crew wants it to be and won’t take away from enjoying food and drink. Our proprietary game even has a built-in chat function so the trash talking can continue between the boats out on the water. After the time is up, the fun continues back on shore at the award ceremony as the winning team is crowned. The event can be timed to run between 2-4 hours with an additional cost beyond the standard boat rental of $199 per boat which equates to $19.95 per participant for a full boat.

On Your Mark!

Participants assemble at our docks and the rules of the game are explained. Each team receives a tablet with the game and instructions loaded up. Teams can be picked in advance or selected upon arrival. Each boat is required to have a driver who will be briefed on the operating procedures of the vessel and watch our safety video. The boats are very easy to maneuver and no previous experience is necessary.

Get Set!

Now out on the water, the teams must input a team name into the game to begin. Once that is done, a timer will start to count down. Each question is triggered by driving the boat through points marked in the game and the difficulty of the question is indicative of the points awarded. A 100 point question will be much easier than a 300 point question. The clues are difficult, requiring full participation and careful attention! Teams explore Lake Union in search of answers, returning only when the time is up…


Keep an eye on the clock because returning time can be the difference between victory and defeat. Points are automatically tallied through the game but be warned, wrong answers will deduct that point value from your score! This is to encourage teamwork and discourage guessing. Once the results are in, the awards ceremony commences with the winners being crowned. We see scores as low as -1500 and as high as 7500 with most being somewhere in between. How will your team do?

Examples of Scavenger Hunt Questions

Triggered when you drive by the Kenmore Air docks:

What did Barbie say to Ken when she got a flat tire?
Kenmore Air

Triggered when looking at the Fairview Marina signage:

Name the Marina with an OK view?
Fairview Marina

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